Solutions powered by RevealedAffordability™ technology

Data Engineering, Predictive Analytics, & Affordability Recommendations

Patent-pending RevealedAffordability™ technology forms the backbone of bank transaction solutions that provide an entirely new view of fraud, risk and affordability to underwriters and operations teams.

In seconds complex transaction information transforms into deep insights that power real-time decisions that outperform standard bank account snapshot statistics or categorization engine tags.

Bank Transactions Attribute Suite

A massive library of proprietary attributes developed from real-time files of bank transaction history allows underwriters, lenders, and payment professionals to develop credit policy and risk decisions using the most up-to-date and verified data possible.

The library can be deployed on any decisioning platform, using any provider of bank transactions data, anywhere in the world.

Six modules of trended attributes cover

  • 1 KYC and Identity Fraud
  • 2 Account and Balance Trends
  • 3 Inflow and Outflow Trends
  • 4 Overdraft Risk
  • 5 Affordability Estimates
  • 6 Summary: Income, Optimal Payments, & Obligations

Supercharge your small business and consumer strategies with attributes that are more comprehensive than transaction categorization.

Bank Transaction Scoring Suites

The same set of flags, scores and trended attributes are returned whether you use Ocrolus, Plaid, Yodlee, Moneythumb, MX, Decision Logic, Cash Flow Solutions, Flinks, Open Banking, or DDA history straight from a bank database.

Small And Medium Enterprise (SMB) Scoring Suite

The Small Business Scoring Suite provides a complete and timely assessment of creditworthiness for small and medium businesses.  Compared to traditional credit-based or public records underwriting there is nothing that is more predictive than actual cash flow history.

Differentiate between early default fraud and later stage affordability risk while gaining massive process improvements over manual underwriting.

  • Up to 40% More Approvals
  • Up to 55% Lower Lossses
  • Works with New Applicants & Renewals
  • Available in < 5 Seconds
  • API and PDF Output

Consumer Scoring Suite

The consumer scoring products run the gamut from KYC & fraud scores to loan, credit card and line of credit risk to residential housing likelihood of eviction, e-commerce, and cell phone repayment estimators.

The most up to date ability and willingness to pay estimators come from only one source - bank transactions.

Measures of affordability and income are generated against existing obligations to minimize ACH returns.

  • Up to 25% More Approvals
  • Up to 35% Lower Lossses
  • Works with New Applicants & Refinances
  • Available in < 5 Seconds
  • API and PDF Output

AffordAI™ Affordability Recommendation Engine

The Right Payment.... Right Terms... Right Day of Week... is what makes the difference in a successful customer relationship versus one that ends up in collections. AffordAI™ improves the customer experience with recommendations that balance a customer's needs and existing obligations against inflows and payroll.

Transaction Science works with you to determine the best use of AffordAI™ recommendations within the context of any underwriting, lending, or analytics framework to derive maximum benefit.

Concise affordability recommendations include

  • Quickstart Day 1 Rules & Policies
  • Income Validation
  • Optimal Payment Amount
  • Optimal Payment Day of Week
  • Optimal Repayment Terms
  • API and PDF Output